The Team

WE listen to YOU, we collaborate with LOCAL experts and companies to develop the experience, value add it with ETHICAL Practice based on our years and years of practical experience, and present it to you. You MOLD it to your requirements and ENJOY the experience, developed just for YOU. This is the only way one should travel. Period.

Linda Veråsdal

Linda is our expert dreamweaver for around the world. She is based in Norway and Gambia and there are not many experiences and inspiration that are on offer she has not personally been to. She weaves her passion for responsible tourism into the trips, making each experience truly unique and ethical. She is trained in Responsible Tourism with a Masters in the field. She has years of experience in the field of Tourism, from working in the field, to owning a company, to leading trips.

Spider Woman

You know Spiderwoman through her work on our social media channels and managing our website. She is based in Nepal and is an expert on Social Media and content management. She curates contents for all social media accounts and the website. She has worked for multiple organizations in Tourism industry mainly focusing on destination marketing. When she is not at work, you may find her somewhere outside with her camera in hand!

Raj Gyawali

Raj is based in Nepal and is an expert on responsible tourism and ground level experience building. He has worked in Ghana, China, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh and India and keep himself abreast with developments around the world of tourism. He consults on responsible tourism for several organisations specially on destination development. He is the expert dreamweaver for Asia and adventure related experiences, drawing from his passion for soft adventure.

Ingrid Thornes

Ingrid is our local specialist in Norway and is born and raised in Bergen- Norway`s second biggest city. She is trained in tourism management and has a Master degree in International Business management. She has had magnificent travel experiences around the world where she loves to connect with the locals and experience the destination from a local perspective. She also has a passion for hiking and meeting new people from around the world. Today, she brings together insights on her life in Bergen, and the secret information only locals can provide.

Local Experts

These are our experts on the field. All passionate about the country, the experiences it has and equally happy to showcase it from a different light.


Paul Lacobs

At the tender age of 40 years, Paul is already an ETP old-timer partner. Paul is the founder of Apuseni Experience program, established in 2001, the ETPs local partner in Apuseni Mountains. His story with ETP started when he studied MSc Responsible Tourism Management together with founder of ETP, Linda. From early days the partnerships started.


Dang Xuan Son

Son is a frequent traveler worldwide and almost 20 years of experience working in the travel industry. He sees traveling as a way to challenge him. His main expertise is Vietnam and Indochina that he travelled extensively. He has been working as a tour leader for several big and reputable companies.


Marian Tirla

Marian loves the mountains! It has been his passion for him since childhood, and it became a natural transition from passion and being an active mountaineer to become a licensed tour and mountain guide. He is not only the guide, but also the owner and founder of Active Travel and helps us develop experiences in Transylvania and the Romanian Carpathians.


Claire Prest

Clare is one of our DreamWeaver for Orissa. Travel for Claire is about breaking boundaries and building bridges. She enjoys the thrill of discovering new destinations and meeting new people almost as much as she enjoys getting under the skin of a place. She has lived in various parts of Asia since 2000, but it is the remote region of Orissa that has captured her heart.


Pulak Mohanty

Pulak’s passion for travel started from humble beginnings in hometown Puri on the East Coast of India. After travelling through Europe, working for a foreign owned travel company, the next evolution was a return to his roots and to share his experiences with the many who had first opened their homes and hearts. A creature of nature at heart he is most at home sharing jibes with the fishermen of Chilika Lake and sleeping under the stars.


Oksana Arkhypchuk

Oksana is from the most eastern corner of Europe – Ukraine. She loves taking travelers off the beaten track and showing them Ukraine that is not in the tourist brochures. From the more known places to her personal favorite the tiny villages in Carpathian Mountains. She is passionate about preserving and promoting their cultural heritage which is unique in the modern world.

From time to time, we send out inspirational stories and experiences to update you on what's new in our world. Do you want to be part of the journey?