16 Nov 2017
Folk Music with Ioan Pop from Maramures in Romania

In Maramures in North Romania we meet Ioan Pop. His name I associated with authentic folklore from the county. It is a very happy music he and his group plays, have a look and listen to his music below.

Ioan Pop and his wife Ana live in a small rural village in Maramures. There are a few houses on their property, including a guesthouse. Most of the houses are made in the traditional way of carved wood. It is all an architectural masterpiece from the past! Villagers call their home a museum-house, as these constructions are not often being built anymore.

From childhood, Ioan Pop learned to play instruments as the shepherds pipe, fiddle, guitar and drum. He started to play at different functions, mostly for his own pleasure, but also to save money to finish high school. He has since been a well-known musician, not only in Romania, but elsewhere in the world as well.

As Maramures see a modernization process, including the music, Ioan believes in finding ways to blend the old and new. Keeping the traditions alive and at the same time making space for new styles coming up. Pop also believes that rural tourism can benefit from such blend.

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