17 Jul 2017
#kora17 | Kathmandu Kora & Bungamati Trails

A few months ago, Socialtours was involved in a meeting called by Prem Bhakta Maharjan, Chairman of the Bungamati Area Reconstruction and Development Council. This was where the idea of the Bungamati Trails was floated, as an initiative and cause for something that cyclists should support during the Kora. By Cyclists for Cycling - to prove that a branded cycling destination is possible in Nepal. A model to support reconstruction through cycling tourism - rebuilding with pride! Prem Maharjan graciously coordinated the meeting and helped setting up the nine-member committee that started the Bungamati Trails Initiative. A local youth led initiative designed to make this happen.


Prem Bhakta Maharjan, chairman of Bungamati Area Reconstruction and Development Council inaugurating #KtmKora2017 by giving flag off!


Kathmandu Kora

The Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge started in 2011 with a mere 35 riders and now brings together over 2000 riders every year to ride loops (kora) of Kathmandu valley that is 50kms, 75kms and 100kms, as a personal riding challenge and to raise Rs. 100 for each kilometer cycled. Over the years, the event has raised and invested over 45 lakhs in upgrading health facilities, building new ones and in education.

This year aimed on helping the Bungamati Trails Initiative will be the first ever effort in Nepal to professionally organise and manage a cycling destination and will serve as an example for other similar destinations.

The annual event is organised by socialtours and co-organsied by Cycle City Network Nepal and supported by a host of private and public organisations and individuals.

Snippets on Kora '17

Krishna Bhattari, who registered for 75 km category but changed his mind and rode a 50km shares his experiences through the video below :


#kora17 riders celebrating the completion of their personal challenge of 50k, 75k and 100k ride on last Saturday, July the 15th. click through the photos below.

Source: Social Tours




And if you wanted to know how a 100km ride looked like, this is precisely how it looks like:

Kora also witness a 65 years old doing the 75K and he isn't the oldest, as James takes that throne with 73 years... but inspirational nevertheless. We hope a lot of riders will keep riding till that age! 

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