23 Aug 2017
Meet Vinita Adhikari and Antardristi Nepal

Antardristi is a non-profit organization that helps minor victims of sexual abuse through counselling, therapy, participating in different classes and stay at one of their three homes / residential centres.  Vinita Adhikari set up the organization ten years back.

Vinita used to visit the women and children’s department of Nepal Police where they take issues of women and children. She opened Antardristi after noticing that all the people, including the family members, are after the offender. They want to send him to jail and the victim’s family wanted to get some compensation, which is good. None were thinking about the child’s mental status, no one was feeling the emotion of the children (the victims). Nobody was talking about the mental justice of the victim there. The work they do at Antardristi is very meaningful and a cause worth support.

“Then and there I thought and feel that I have to work for these kids. I again thought “ if not me, who? If not now, when?” That way I started Antardristi Nepal.”

— Vinita Adhikari, Founder Antardristi

Together with our partner, Socialtours, Ethical Travel Portal are organizing a project called “Yoga for Antardristi”. Here we are collecting money for Antardristi through Yoga events in different cities in the world and through our Eastertrips trips; Yoga Trekking in the Mountains and Yoga Resort to Resort.

Tiphaine Texier, our intern (for both ETP and ST) visited the home in Hetaude last week. Here is her report.


I got the opportunity to visit one of Antadristi’s homes for sexual abused children in Hetauda, south of Kathmandu. Quite an experience!

Antardristi work in the field of mental health, and aim to empower youth and children to overcome various psychological problems and lead healthy lives. Established in 2003, Antardristi Nepal has three residential centers in Kathmandu (2007), Pokhara (2008) and Hetauda (2010). All three centers offer teacher sensitivity training, community outreach, awareness classes and mothers' groups.

Antardristi's residential centers also take in children who are in need of victim support and counseling. The main goal of the association is to provide counseling services to victims of child sexual abuse and allow these children to have a brighter, safer future. The children that Antardristi care for, live in the center for one year and are provided with food, shelter, access to education and counseling. It also provides parents of a victim with support and access to vocational training to assist them in providing a stable environment for the child when they return home. What a program!

One of the association’s home in Hetauda in very peaceful and nice. The building is U-shaped, with a small garden in the center. Right now there are 15 girls living here, and at 12 o’clock on this bright Wednesday of December, a part of them is coming back from school, while the other part is getting ready to go! Of course we know the reason that brought them to Antardristi’s home, but they are so full of life that it’s hard to think about that! Curious, eager to try some English words with me, we had a lot of fun together.

After lunch, it is activity time. Some are making small baskets, some others are drawing or doing their homework. We had a nice time drawing dogs, cats, elephants and flowers… Good for my Nepali learning as well.

Sadly we had to get back to Kathmandu after only two hours spent with the girls. But what a memory! Antardristi is really doing a great job, offering these girls a place to breath, to come over what happened, and to start building a future.

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