31 Aug 2017
White Pottery (and blue grapes!) in Szolgas backyard, Apuseni Romania

In Apuseni Mountains, Romania we visit Szolga Iuliana.  Her family has been working as potters for generations. Their pottery are quite special as it is white, due to the clay found in the area.

White pottery used to be big industry in this region in Romania. Now Szolga Iulianas workshop is one of the last ones in the area. We visit her in her own house and backyard, which is an experience in it self. She will give you a pottery demonstration how to make different items. You will of course get the opportunity to buy handmade and extremely rare in (Romania and Europe) white pottery directly from the artist herself! That puts a value to your souvenir!

 ...and guess what??  If you come at the right time of the year… she has lovely grapes in her garden!

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